Istation helps ELL student read and speak English!

We met Heather J., a technology coordinator from Dallas, Texas, at a convention for educators. When we asked her how Istation is helping her students grow, she described its immediate impact on English Language Learners.

“All of our school uses [Istation],” she said. “We use the reports, and kids are on it daily. We have a majority Hispanic school. We have a lot of kids coming straight from Mexico with little English or no English.”

She went on to explain that when those ELL students begin to use Istation Reading, “their English just grows and grows and grows very quickly.”

She offered one specific student’s story as an example.

“We had a 1st grader [who] came in in the middle of the [school] year, and we put him on Istation,” she said, adding that the boy didn’t even know how to use a computer until she taught him.

Soon he became comfortable with the technology and identified with the characters.

“He loved seeing his progress chart,” she said. “We’d send the reports home to the parents, and they were so thrilled that his English was growing.”

Istation helped improve more than just his language skills.

“He was very shy when he came in,” she said. “He didn’t want to talk much, but as he started using [Istation] and his English started growing, he became more confident in himself.”

Jarrell said that seeing the student’s growth in school apply to other areas of his life was very exciting. 

“When I see a kid grow that quickly in half a year,” she said, “and he feels comfortable speaking to his teacher, speaking to students, going home and using it, speaking to his parents in English, it’s just great.”

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