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Istation Honored with “Community Builder Award”

Istation recognized as a “game changer” for efforts to boost literacy during out of school time

It Only Takes Five!

Reading five books during summer vacation can help stop “The Summer Slide”

What a Day!

Sixty-three 2nd graders chose to visit Istation on a field trip!  

A big thank you to the 2nd grade from Dooley Elementary School in the Plano Independent School District. They chose Istation as the destination for an end-of-year field trip!

Continue Learning All Summer Long!

Istation’s experts offer easy summer plans

Hello! Mike and Amanda here: we are your friendly, neighborhood implementation specialists at Istation. Are you ready for summer? We sure are! We just got back from San Francisco, where we picked up our first CODiEAward! You may have seen those pictures floating around. It’s okay to be jealous!

EdTech Works Podcast: Budding Broadcasters

Featuring Jessica Worley

Stop "The Summer Slide" With Istation!

Combat summer learning loss with continued usage of Istation Home.

Ever heard of “The Summer Slide?” Teachers certainly have. "The Summer Slide" is not a fast, exhilarating trip down an amusement park ride. It’s actually a frightening reality.

Most research says kids can lose one to three months of reading skills during summer break.  A few years ago, the National Summer Learning Association polled 500 teachers, and 66 percent of them reported that they spend the first three weeks of a school year reteaching what students forgot from the year before.

Istation CEO is a Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year® Regional Award!

Richard H. Collins Recognized as Outstanding Business Leader in the Southwest

Research from Istation’s VP of Curriculum Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

Textbook readability study produces surprising results

Istation would like to congratulate Vice President of Curriculum and doctoral student Tracey Roden on her recent publication in a peer-reviewed journal!

Roden worked with a classmate and a professor to test the readability of social studies textbooks for students in grades 3 – 6. They found that all of the textbooks assessed were written above grade level.

Their study was published in the April 2015 issue of the Journal of Teacher Action Research, a peer-reviewed online journal that allows teachers to share research about classroom practices.

“It’s exciting to see a project you put so much effort into being shared in a public way,” Roden said.

Before joining the Istation team, Roden spent 10 years as a classroom teacher. She said if she had read this type of research while she was still in the classroom, it would have made a difference. She offers current teachers some advice:

“I would be running more readability assessments on textbooks and content,” she said. “You’re trusting that it is written at the right level. But readability tests, which are now available online, give so much information.”

If teachers discover that their assigned textbooks are written above grade level, Roden suggests using other strategies to supplement instruction.

“This is really action research,” she said. “You can conduct your own research and use those findings to improve what’s happening in your classroom.”

Roden has almost finished her coursework and will soon begin working on her comprehensive exam and dissertation.

EdTech Works Podcast: Learn to Tweet from a "Twitterer of the Year"!

Featuring Steven Anderson

EdTech Works Podcast: Making Computer Science Cool!

Featuring Kim Garcia

Istation Named Best Educational App!

We won the 2015 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Educational App for a Mobile Device!

We are beaming with pride! Istation's Advanced Reading assessment (ISIP™) was named Best Educational App for a Mobile Device! Our Early Reading assessment and reading instruction were finalists in the same category.

The Software and Information Industry (SIIA) hands out the CODiEs to the most innovative and high-impact education products. We are honored to be named the best of the best!

The awards ceremony was in beautiful San Francisco. After Istation Implementation Specialists Mike Benson and Amanda Centorbi picked up our CODiE, they couldn't resist taking it on a little sight-seeing tour!

We are proud of this prestigious recognition. We are even more proud to be a partner with schools across the world and help millions of students learn and grow.


Thank You, Teachers!

It’s your week!

Celebrating 1,000 Years of Teaching Experience!

Istation staff has spent more than a millennium in the classroom!

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