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If I Knew Then What I Know Now... (Part Two)

Imagine walking into your classroom the first week of the school year and instantly knowing each student’s reading level! To all of the reading teachers out there, this is like finding gold! Reaching students at their individualized instructional level at the beginning of the year can save a child from slipping through the cracks. And that's the kind of priceless data Istation provides.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

Before coming to work at Istation, I spent seven years in the classroom. As a teacher, I was an avid believer in Istation and (in my mind) an avid user. But I’m the first to admit I was not an expert! Someone in the office recently asked me, “What do you now know about Istation that you wish you would have known when you were teaching?” The answer is easy:  Teacher Station.

Are You Crafty? Featuring Justin Time and Paige Turner as Papercraft Characters from Istation

At Istation’s Summer Conference this year, our Art Department surprised the rest of the organization with a fun new craft to represent our characters Justin Time and Paige Turner.

Anthony Coffey, Istation’s lead 2D Animator and Illustrator, developed 3D printable and foldable crafts that can be cut and folded into the likeable heroes you see on the program everyday.

2 + 2 = Success: A Teacher's Formula For Going Back to School (Part Two)

Note: This is Part Two of the “2+2=Success” blog, with longtime educators sharing their formula for a successful start to the school year.

My colleague, Joyce, gave you her two cents yesterday, so now it’s my time to share! She suggested exercising your mind and body to get in back-to-school shape. I suggest getting connected and formulating a plan.

1. Educators need to be connected. Good teaching has always been a team sport and what better way to team up with others than by having a social, collaborative and professional learning network of peers that are also relaxed, refreshed, and full of new ideas.

2 + 2 = Success: A Teacher's Formula For Going Back to School

Note:  This is part one of a two-part blog, with longtime educators sharing their formula for a successful start to the school year. Part two can be found here.

It’s the time of year that we as educators all get excited about – back to school! Time to buy supplies, prepare rooms, and most importantly, find out who is enrolled in our classes!

I spent 35 years in elementary education before joining the Istation team, so I know that just thinking about going back to school can be exhausting.

“Families that Istation Together, Grow Together!”

School held special “Istation Nights” to encourage literacy all summer long

We first noticed a creative use of Istation thanks to social media posts featuring priceless captions.

“An iPad for you, an iPad for you, an iPad for you!” said one tweet. “Families that Istation together grow together,” said another.

The photos that accompanied those tweets featured families in a s

chool cafeteria using Istation. But it was the middle of summer! That certainly peaked our interest.

Math Matters

“I do what I do because I know who they can become.” That statement hangs above my desk and is the tagline on each of my e-mails. As an educator, I want to be encouraged and reminded daily that the work I do matters . . . and I do math. Math matters.


Each of us uses math every day. We use it a lot! It matters. However, you don’t have to look very hard to find someone quick to say they don’t like math OR that they are not very good at it. Perhaps those feelings come from those very early subtraction experiences we all had — “Share your toys with your cousin, Stephanie” — or possibly they stem from an old-school “ditto page” approach to teaching and learning.

How Istation and Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Haley are Helping Kids “Tackle Tomorrow”

Summer camps using Istation to stop summer reading loss 

He’s one of the most successful pro football players in history, with more world championships to his name than anyone else. Despite his incredible success, NFL legend Charles Haley struggles with something most people take for granted -- reading.

Get Your School Year Started with Our New Getting Started Guide!

Istation's new tool could be your new best friend! 

It's almost that time. Let us be among the first to say, "Welcome Back!" We hope your summer was fun, exciting and relaxing! Are you new to Istation? Have you used Istation before but could use a refresher after a long summer on the beach sipping drinks from a coconut with a little umbrella? Are you an Istation veteran who wants to learn more about great features you have access to with Istation?

I'm Mike Benson, from the implementation team at Istation, and do I have great news for all of you! We have added a new feature on our website this year. When you log into www.istation.com, you will see a new section on the Report and Management Web Site called “Getting Started with Istation & Learn More About Us!”

8 Great Ways to Close the Achievement Gap

How to address one of the most troubling, persistent problems in education

The achievement gap remains a universal concern for educators. It's the chronic disparity of performance between student groups, and it's often based on socioeconomic status or race. Perhaps most troubling is just how persistent the achievement gap is.

Istation produced a free guide entitled “8 Great Ways to Close the Achievement Gap". We distributed it at the 2015 NAESP conference. Demand at the conference was so high, we decided we needed to make it more widely available with an ebook!

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