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Istation Success Story:  "Data drives you to the goal, which is student success!"

Perhaps the most challenging part of beginning a new school year is building strong relationships. Not only do teachers and students need to bond, but educators also need to bond with students’ families. Istation can help.

Justin Time Went to Washington . . . Where Will He Go Next?

Greetings Istation friends! Justin Time here. I’m taking over Istation’s blog today to share my recent escapades in America’s capital city.

Some members of the Istation team recently had important business in Washington, D.C., including a meeting with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology.

Students and teachers know that I do a lot of time travel. I visit important moments in history to teach reading skills and physical science. So you can imagine how excited I was when my Istation colleagues invited me to tag along on their trip to this historic city.

How Istation Can Help Teach Character Traits 

Timeless Tales is Istation’s reading and language arts instruction for older readers. Every Timeless Tales story and passage includes character education. 

Istation’s Senior Curriculum Development Specialist Natalie Masters oversees development of Timeless Tales instruction and said character education is really at the heart of what she does every day.

“It is why we write what we write,” she said. “We want to help motivate and inspire these kids to be good people.” 

Students Fly Because of Istation

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), Learning Academy in Allentown, PA began its second school year with Istation. But its founders’ familiarity with and appreciation for Istation started long ago.

How an "Istation Fairy" keeps students accountable

A little whimsy motivates students to do their best on Istation!

ISIP™ scores were flat. Students were unfocused. Teachers knew their kids could perform better, but they couldn’t find a “hook” to keep them motivated. Sound familiar? Getting students excited and keeping them engaged are some of the biggest obstacles educators face. For one school, the Istation Fairy did the trick.

Meet Our Founders: Dan Kuenster

Dan Kuenster is Istation’s Executive Vice President of Design and Animation. In 1998, he joined forces with a group of Dallas-based software engineers looking for a new way to teach kids to read. They needed a creative mind, and Dan’s talent was incomparable. In Istation’s early days, Dan commuted from Los Angeles so he could remain involved with the animation industry. He won an Emmy Award for outstanding individual achievement in storyboarding and then decided a permanent move to Dallas would allow him to focus full time on Istation. Dan, a native of Illinois, remains the creative force behind the characters, stories, and songs that make Istation fun for students and teachers.

Putting the "App" in the Big Apple

New York City students learn to read with Istation

Brilla College Prep   in Brooklyn and The Emily N. Carey Harbor Preschool in Harlem offered their students a blend of traditional classroom and technology-based teaching. They used Istation to provide individualized instruction.

Spotlight on Istation in Korea

Did you know that Istation helps hundreds of students in South Korea learn English?

We connected with the President & CEO of Istation Korea, Daria Soon-Young Suk, Ph.D., to learn more about what is happening with students the East Asian country.

Daria said, “We are so delighted by our growth and impact in Korea. It is an honor to partner with schools here to help students learn to read and write in English. We continue to see Istation Reading as a program that can maximize growth for English learners in grades pre-K–8.”

With the Young Child in Mind

As a kindergarten teacher ten years ago, if I had been asked to take an inventory of the technology in my classroom, the list would have consisted of the cassette tape player in my listening center, my overhead projector, and one very dated computer.  Computers in an early childhood classroom were a rare sight. If you did find them they were likely broken hand-me-downs and unusable by young children.

How to Use Istation for Effective Small Group Instruction

When I first began teaching the question was not, “ARE you going to teach small groups?” It was, "HOW MANY small groups will you teach?" I was intimidated, confused and overwhelmed. How was I going to group students? Where was I going to find the time? How could I manage all the groups? Where would I find resources to meet all of the instructional needs of my students? I didn’t even know where to begin.

Share Your Story For a Chance to Win!

Do you have a unique approach to implementing Istation? Do you consistently find ways to innovate using technology? Well, tell us all about it!

We are accepting submissions for our first contest of the 2015-2016 school year. It's open to all educators who use Istation. Just tell us how you motivate students to “Get Started” with Istation. The winner receives a $500 Amazon.com gift card for classroom supplies! Your story will also be shared with educators around the world.

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