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How to Build an RTI Framework

I began teaching many moons ago (think rotary phones and getting up off the couch to change the channel on TV), but I did everything I could to provide differentiated instruction to my students. I broke them up into small groups and provided individualized support and coaching. My fellow teachers and I didn’t use fancy names like “Response to Intervention” or “Multi-Tiered Support System.” We were just determined to help students grow, whatever it took.

It wasn’t easy. The struggle to differentiate was real! And it still is, even with today’s Response to Intervention/MTSS frameworks. These models work much like I used to, by creating individualized learning paths for students. With technology as an additional tool, differentiation is more seamless than ever. So let’s take a close look at a successful implementation of an RTI framework.

First, What is RTI?

RTI (Response to Intervention) is a multi-tiered approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.

It is appropriate for a vast array of students: from those with slight learning differences to those in need of intense intervention. RTI is designed for use when making instructional decisions in both general education and special education.

Decisions can include anything from determining the appropriate homework lessons that should be assigned, to forming small groups, to altering a student’s class schedule in order to provide more instructional time for a specific skill or concept. By using data to identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, RTI allows educators to create a well-integrated system of instruction and intervention based on student performance.

What is the RTI process?

In general, RTI is a three tier process that begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all students in the general education classroom.

Halloween Stories from Istation

It’s Halloween week! We thought we'd highlight a few of the mystery-themed books and passages in Istation's Teacher Resources. These stories will give you a chance to entertain your class as well as educate them! 

Ed Tech & Project-Based Learning Changed My Life!

I have people visiting my classroom today to see how and why it is different than most. I am always looking for ways to evolve as a teacher and to give students the tools they need to be successful in the 21st century. I am fortunate enough to work for a district that supports and promotes exploration and lifelong learning. Two things were the catalyst for large changes in my lesson plans.

More Ways to Use Istation to Teach Character Traits

Our blog "How Istation Can Help Teach Character Traits"proved quite popular! Senior Curriculum Development Specialist Natalie Masters has a few more ideas about using Istation in this way. Masters oversees development of Timeless Tales, Istation’s reading and language arts instruction for older readers.

How to Use Istation to Save Time in the Classroom

There is never enough time in a classroom. Teachers are stretched thin and constantly asked to do more. Thanks to quick assessments, immediate feedback, and ready-made lesson plans, Istation is a proven time-saver on more than 8,000 school campuses.

Here are 5 ways teachers can use Istation to save time:

I Have My Small Groups...Now What? How to Use Istation Data to Drive Small Group Instruction

My last blog entry was “How to Use Istation for Effective Small Group Instruction.” It seemed to really resonate with you, as it quickly became one of our most-read posts. After I wrote it, I began reminiscing a little more about the moments of joy, confusion, and exhaustion I felt while embarking on a small group classroom strategy. So, if you took my advice about forming small groups, maybe you’re wondering, “Thanks for helping me, but now what am I supposed to do?” Well, here are a few answers.

Ed Tech's Triple Crown

If there is such a thing as a triple crown in educational technology, Istation might have won it!

Where Memory and Motivation Converge:  Meet Istation Founder John Schnurrenberger

Becoming a father was John Schnurrenberger’s “aha moment.” After having his own children, he wanted to impact the lives of other children. Seventeen years ago he found a way to do that when he helped found Istation. John is Istation’s Senior Vice President of Technology Development and one of six founders who remain with the company today.

How to Help Students Keep Track of Istation Goals

Wendy S. was in her third year of teaching when she decided to try a new way of helping students keep track of their Istation usage goals.

She made sure each child knew their tier and how many minutes they needed to use Istation every week. She explained that the time they spent on Istation would help them become stronger readers.

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