Istation Home

School-to-home connection? No problem! Istation offers Istation Home. That’s good news for students—and for parents! Students can revisit or extend their in-school lessons, and Istation Home also makes it easier for parents to reinforce and stay involved in their children’s education, strengthening the home-school partnership.

When students log in to Istation away from school, they have several options for continued learning: they may select Reading with ISIP™, Books, or iPractice. 

Reading with ISIP allows students to pick up right where they left off at school, and iPractice allows students to revisit their favorite online lessons and activities or explore new ones. iPractice includes lessons that teach the six traits of effective writing within Writing Rules! -- Istation's interactive writing program.

Books are also available through the online instruction for students to self-select and reread. Accessing this library of books allows students to practice the necessary skills that aid in reading fluency and building confidence. 

Parent Portal

By logging on to the Istation Web site, parents are informed through easy-to-read Web-based reports. They have access to their children’s Student Summary, Skill Growth, and Writing reports. By summarizing growth throughout the school year, these reports offer parents the opportunity to watch their children’s progress.

Additionally, the parent portal shows parents where their children are working online. Istation offers a variety of support materials and activities to help reinforce students’ learning at home. Suggested activities are based on the current instruction students are receiving within the computer program. These activities are scripted and include all resources necessary for parents to administer a lesson at home.

Istation Home . . . so the learning continues!


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Cecilia graduated with departmental distinction from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She majored in English with a focus on poetry creative writing. She hold minors in Human Rights and Art History.