Principal trusts Istation's progress monitoring and sees great gains!

Debra S. wishes she could peek inside every student’s brain. She said she would love a chance to see exactly what students on her charter school campus are learning. Better yet, she would like to know how they learn. But she is impressed by the details she gets from Istation.

“One of the things I love about Istation — the one thing that made us come on board — is that it really tracks what they’re doing, not just the minutes,” Debra said.  “We’ve learned minutes make a difference, but it’s what you’re doing with those minutes that really counts. That’s what I love about Istation data. It gives us real-time data for students, showing where they are right now.”

Debra said that she and her teachers comb through Istation reports on a regular basis. She emphasized that the constant progress monitoring is invaluable because Istation data helps her teachers differentiate their instruction.

“If someone’s great with comprehension but struggling with vocabulary, then I as a teacher can hone in on that,” she said. “That’s where I think I’ve seen the biggest results for us. Our benchmark scores have come up significantly. It’s not one single factor. We know research tells us the biggest impact is teacher in a classroom, but resources come behind them. If they are quality resources, they impact results.”

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