Pre-K student's English transformed by Istation!

Dennishia H. is a prekindergarten teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, who has seen inspiring results from Istation, especially in her English Language Learners.

She offered a story about one of her students as an example.

“She was one of my ESL students. English was not her first language, and there was a big barrier between [us] because I didn’t speak her language,” Dennishia said.

Istation provides teachers with a library of lesson plans they can use in their classrooms as well as supporting materials they can print. Howell took advantage of those, printing flash cards to help teach letter sounds and words to her ESL student.

Those cards coupled with time on the computer using Istation led to a transformation.

“I mean, her language exploded!” she exclaimed. “By I’d say the second six weeks, she could speak whole sentences in English, and she knew all her alphabet by the time she graduated. She could write her name. 

The student swiftly gained fluency and developed computer skills as well.

“In four months she could speak fully,” Dennishia said. “All the kids understood what she was saying. She didn’t have to point any more. She could say, ‘I want this.’ ‘I’m getting on Istation.’ She knew how to type her log in.”

Howell went on to describe how she felt watching her student’s confidence soar.

“At first she was quiet and shy,” she explained, “but by the time she got that language going, I couldn’t stop her from talking. She was a big old personality, and I loved that about her!”

It’s successes like this that remind Howell why she began teaching in the first place.

“That’s why you become a teacher,” she said. “Because you get to see someone grow. You inspired. You know you touched them. They became this person, and they’re going to be a learner for life.”

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