Istation transforms ELA teacher's classroom

Leticia I. has a passion for reading. It’s very important to her, and she makes sure her students read every day, but she said they didn’t always share her enthusiasm.

“We used to keep a reading log, and we would ask them to read every day for 45 minutes — their choice of whatever they wanted to do,” she said.

As an elementary school English/language arts teacher, she didn’t think a reading log was a frustrating assignment, but some students did. 

“They weren’t excited,” she said, “but now with Istation they’re not just reading a book; they’re reading something that is fun. Their fluency and comprehension have spiked. It’s great. They love it.”

Istation transformed her traditional classroom reading log and increased accountability. 

“I can show them . . . that I see everything they’re doing, so it becomes more real for them,” she said.

Leticia said Istation is inspiring something she hasn’t seen before: excitement about reading.

“I think it makes it more fun for them; it doesn’t make it a chore,” she said. “One student in particular . . . was just not turning in that reading log, not excited about reading, not doing anything. As I started to look at the minutes . . . I was like, ‘is this the same child?’ She’s really excited about reading now. And it’s made a terrific difference. I think one of the major differences I see is that enthusiasm and a love for reading, not so much read to get homework done. When you see that, that’s when you know you make a difference.”



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