Istation helps gifted middle school student grow

He was a model 6th grade student at a suburban Texas middle school. He made good grades, exhibited good behavior, and scored high on every test he took. Teacher Julia B. said the only problem was that he’d convinced himself he didn’t need anything that Istation had to offer.

“I had to tell him that Istation was a requirement,” she recalled. “And when I said to him, ‘You’ve got to do it for me,’ he did.”

Neither of them imagined what an impact Istation would have until he was offered a chance to take the SAT as a 6th grader.

When he returned to Julia’s classroom after the test, she said she remembers seeing his “wry smile.” Soon, she was smiling too.

“I asked him what was up, and he said, ‘Istation helped me on the SAT!’” Julia recalled, laughing. “I said, ‘Really? How?’”

The student explained that being exposed to new vocabulary made a big difference for him.

“Having the knowledge helped me on the test,” he told his teacher.

Before moving to middle school, Julia taught 1st grade for five years and said the impact Istation has on a child in early grades is very different from what it offers for older students—namely, expository reading.

“In my heart I’m a reading teacher,” she said, “and kids are not reading like we did fifty years ago. We’ve lost the art of reading.”

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