First graders make big, fast gains with Istation

We met 1st grade teacher Tamara A. at a conference for educators. She sought out Istation to share the excitement she experienced as she used Istation Reading for the first time and saw its immediate impact.

Tamara’s district conducts a one-on-one assessment with 1st graders.

“At the beginning of the year, phonemic awareness is always a problem,” she said. “I’ve worked and worked throughout the year in previous years trying to fill that gap, and it’s really frustrating to get them to develop. It’s something that’s just really hard and can take hundreds and hundreds of hours.”

Suddenly, things changed, and Tamara said she has Istation to thank. Her campus had been using Istation for 3rd grade and above.

“This year, we had a funder give us some money,” she said,” and we were able to add 1st grade and 2nd grade.”

She said her middle of the year assessment shows her class is developing phonemic awareness skills unlike any year before.

“It’s amazing. It’s something I didn’t expect to see,” she said.

She had a lot of hurdles to overcome when this school year began. 

“I started the year with a difficult class with a lot of gaps,” she said. “I had too many below reading level.” 

But after her middle of the year assessment, more than half her class was on level with reading.

“That is just a lot faster than usually happens for me,” she said.

Allison is definitely impressed.

“It’s something I’m usually still fighting for,” she said. “They have to be able to read after this point. And to be able to send them on as a reader, and to be confident the gaps are filled and the foundation is there—that’s huge.”

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