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Gibbons Street Elementary Wins Istation’s 2017 Red Cape Moment Contest (South Region)

by Rachel Vitemb on December 4, 2017

Heather Palmer, a reading coach for Gibbons Street Elementary School in Florida, describes in her award-winning submission the significant impact on Gibbons’ students that Istation’s amazing data and instruction made.

IMG_5504 - Heather WagnerPhoto (from left): Principal Chabre Timmons, Assistant Principal Maria Quiroa,  Reading Coach Heather Palmer, and Math Coach Melissa Bearden
IMG_5502 - Heather WagnerPhoto (from left): Reading Curriculum Specialist Lindsey McDowell, Math Curriculum Specialist Kerri Foster, Principal Chabre Timmons, Reading Coach Heather Palmer, Assistant Principal Maria Quiroa, and Math Coach Melissa Bearden

“We use the data each month to form purposeful small groups that help us push the struggling students, continue supporting the on-grade-level students, and accelerate the higher students,” Palmer explained. “After the ISIP takes place monthly, we have a dedicated planning session in which we look at the Istation reports. Based on the priority report, we plan small groups and use the Istation resources to provide instruction to each student based on need.”

Palmer shared excellent stats from a 2nd grade teacher at Gibbons Street: “We started out the year at 60 percent Tier 3 and now have decreased the amount to 44 percent Tier 3 in just two months.”

When it comes to student motivation, Palmer said it isn’t difficult because “students really LOVE Istation.”

In fact, Gibbons Street recently had the highest usage in Polk County School District, landing them the district’s Red Cape Award for reading usage during the month of October 2017.

IMG_5505 - Heather Wagner                        The Red Cape Award from Polk County SD

Palmer said that Gibbons celebrated the award with a dance party for all the students who had met their usage goals for the month.

IMG_5590 - Heather Wagner
IMG_5656 - Heather Wagner

Each month the school awards students who show tier movement. Palmer told us, “The surprise changes each month. For November ISIP, if they have tier movement or remain at Tier 1, they will get a pancake breakfast for their math movement or a picnic lunch for their ELA movement.”

After we shared the exciting news with Gibbons Street Elementary, we had a couple of questions for them. Keep reading to see what Palmer and Principal Chabre Timmons had to say.

nullPhoto: Reading Coach Heather Palmer Reading Coach and Principal Chabre Timmons show off Gibbons Street’s Red Cape Award for highest usage in Polk County.

What are students’ and your experiences as new Istation users?

At first, Timmons and Palmer told us, the 5th graders were still getting to know Istation. “However, we find them now coming up to us and sharing that they’ve met their minutes and are bragging about growth. They can see how Istation is helping them. Their usage with Istation is making a difference for the students and is helping them better understand what they are also learning in class.

What types of Istation resources do you use?

“As a school, after ISIP takes place monthly, we have a dedicated planning session in which we look at the Istation reports.”

  1. Usage Trend Report – Instructors use it on a daily basis to monitor minutes.
  2. Priority Reports – They guide instruction, and teachers love seeing the gains on the report. The B section of the report is utilized for small-group instruction.

How do students react to their class receiving a cape?

Gibbons Street ES awards a small red cape each month to the class with the highest number of students meeting their usage goal.

Timmons said students were super excited when she went into a 1st grade classroom to award the class. The awarded red cape hangs outside the door in addition to tweets and bulletin board brags in the school’s hallway. This keeps everyone in the loop on knowing which the classroom won the red cape that month.


Congratulations to Gibbons Street Elementary for their incredible submission and exemplary #redcape moments! Stay tuned on social media for announcements about Istation’s Usage with Fidelity contest, beginning January 2018.

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