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New Product Alert! Timeless Tales 2.0 Now Available

by Rachel Vitemb on November 2, 2017

On October 23, 2017, Istation Reading released its newest game-based solution for middle schooler reading instruction.

Skills and Standards

  • Characterization (Direct and Indirect)
  • Historical and Cultural Setting
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary in Context
  • Reading Fluency
  • Self-Selected Reading
  • Written Response to Reading

Level 1 kicks off with a brief introduction to SAGE, the student players’ guide through the Information Nexus.

From the Level 1 Fluency Journal:

“When I first met SAGE, he was panicked. Apparently, his job is to go around the digital world and make sure everything is in order. I guess SAGE is like the ultimate librarian of the digital age. When I met him, he was stuck between worlds, and he was yelling something about data corruption. I didn’t know what in the world he was talking about, but before I could ask him to explain, SAGE warped me to a whole new world: the Hub.”

And so the journey begins . . .

In the Hub, SAGE takes a break to recharge while student players explore this cool new space, reminiscent of a typical shopping mall. There, they meet the Hubsters — Skylar, Ramón, Angela, and Zak — and learn that the data corruption worrying SAGE is affecting the Hubsters’ personalities, too! Skylar isn’t her usual, bubbly self, and comedian Ramón can’t tell a joke to save his life!

L1-BB-SAGEByte.pngIt’s up to the student players to gather data about the Hubsters. Along the way, SAGE introduces the concepts of direct and indirect characterization.

Content on demand is available at the WALTER Burger shop in the Hub, where players can access animated scenes to learn more about the methods authors use for indirect characterization.

When players discover the portal to the virtual world, SAGE explains that they’ll need to crack the code using the digital and social media data they’ve gathered in the Hub. By applying their knowledge about the Hubsters’ personalities, they can solve the decoder and open the portal.

L1-Portal-London-Power-up.pngTangled cables! The problem is worse than SAGE thought! The only way to power up that portal is to get past Tony the Bouncer and into the Arcade. If players are savvy in responding to Tony’s questions and demonstrate an understanding of direct and indirect characterization, Tony offers up the coveted Member ID Card, and players gain access to the NexLevel Arcade.

In Level 1, students earn power pieces by playing Lab Lockdown and Card Match to practice spelling and matching vocabulary words to their definitions and context.

Then it’s back to the portal and off to the Virtual World!

The next stop is Victorian London for a classic tale of Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis, Professor Moriarty. But it seems the mysterious data corruption has erased the ending of the story!

Players help SAGE complete the story and repair the data by completing activities on the story’s historical and cultural setting and characterization. Will players use Moriarty’s pride against him to help Sherlock set a trap? Will they expertly detect the clues? This interactive, branching narrative lets players choose their own path through the story with four possible endings!

L1-Fluency-NotEncrypted.pngOnce Sherlock Holmes is successfully restored to the Information Nexus, players reflect on what they’ve learned and accomplished with the Fluency Journal activity. They then move on to World of Wonders self-selected reading, where they choose and read one of five new, high-interest passages and complete a written response to level up.

Promotion to Level 2 includes the players’ results screen with Arcade high scores, most-played games, and the number of correct responses on all comprehension activities. Here, players may also update their personal avatars and profiles.

Get a printable version of this information by clicking here

Istation's Fall Product Release Showcase took place live on November 3, 2017. Hear from the product teams and learn what new features and lessons are available to you. Watch now!

Topics: Adaptive Curriculum, Middle School, Product Knowledge

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