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New Updates to Istation Math and Spanish for May

by Rachel Vitemb on May 22, 2017

Istation has added new content to its Early Math instruction (pre-K-1), Elementary Math instruction (grades 2-5), and the “World of Genres” within Lectura Avanzada (4th and 5th grade). We hope you are as excited as we are about all the new lessons and games!

What’s new in Early Math instruction?

Come join the Math Superstars and learn all about subtraction using Whole-Part-Part during their US concert tour stop in the “Windy City,” Chicago!

Istation Early Math has added two Whole-Part-Part instructional songs within 10 and 20 to accompany four Whole-Part-Part lessons that address subtraction within 10 and 20. The songs, aptly named “Chicago Pizza Blues,” spotlight TJ Cool Cat lamenting that his girlfriend, Miss Kitty, eats way more than her share of their deep dish pizza!

WPPSong.pngTwo versions of the "Chicago Pizza Blues" Song within 10 and 20

Afterwards, students will apply their knowledge in four lessons. Included are two lessons developing the concept of Whole-Part-Part and two lessons on subtraction in the context of word problems (called subtraction stories). For all the lesson activities, the instructional range will fall within either 10 or 20. In the first two activities, students will use a whole-part-part mat to break apart a set of objects (in this case, pizza) to subtract and find the difference. In the next two activities, they will build a subtraction story horizontally with eaten and uneaten pizza slices and find the difference.

SubStoriesWithin10.pngSubtraction Stories within 10 and 20

What’s new in Elementary Math instruction?

Istation Math has added one multiplication table activity and two activities for multiplying fractions by whole numbers within the domains of algebra and operations!

In the first Arithmetic Patterns in Multiplication activity, students will use a table to identify patterns in multiplication facts and use the patterns to determine the products. Agent Addington will make sure Donnie and the Secret Equation Man (SEM) team are up to the challenge of working with multiplication tables in the new SEM Training Center!

In the next two activities, Donnie (aka Secret Equation Man) must stop Spider Queen from entrapping the city in her web. His ability to multiply whole numbers by fractions to find the missing product will ultimately save the city from destruction! During the Multiplying Fractions Less Than One activity, students will use a grid to multiply whole numbers by fractions less than one and determine the product.

In the subsequent lesson, Multiplying Fractions Less Than One with Improper Fractions, the products are improper fractions that students will regroup to represent a mixed number.

MultFractionsImproper2b.jpgMultiplying by Fractions Less Than One (with Improper Fractions)

Print out a colorful page of the May Math release here

What’s new in Lectura Avanzada (4th and 5th grade)?

In March we introduced the “World of Genres” within Lectura Avanzada to teachers and students. As students explore the Past Land (Pasado), they will be exposed to four different genres now: Plays, Biographies and Autobiographies, Myths and Legends (new with May release), and Informative Articles (new with May release).

A typical lesson structure for students goes through these stages:

  1. Intro to Lesson with visuals
  2. Teach with audio and visuals
  3. Guided Practice with short reads
  4. Independent Practice and Quiz
  5. Reteach with a new selection and game



Read about each stage in the lesson structure in more depth here.

Print out a colorful page of the May Spanish release here:

English version

Spanish version

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