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Welcome to the Istation Blog

Cultivate Digital Literacy Skills with Technology-Enhanced Items

Enhance Learner Motivation with Next-Generation Assessment Design and Technology-Enhanced Items

Future-focused educators are using educational technology more than ever to increase learner engagement, provide better learning experiences, and assess content knowledge with increased depth and accuracy. Research suggests that educational technology — when used well — has the potential to drive equity in learning opportunities for students and is linked to improved learning outcomes (Mohammed, 2019).

4 Tips for Keeping Middle School Learners Engaged

Engage Middle School Learners with Authenticity

There are many ways to engage adolescent learners. The key to them all is authenticity. By creating authentic learning experiences and being genuine during interactions with students, teachers can engage middle school learners and more effectively teach them.

4 Steps to Create Authentic Learning Experiences for Middle School Learners

Why Authentic Learning Experiences are Key

Authentic learning experiences are woven into our day as educators. We strive to make learning as meaningful as possible so students can take what they learn with them throughout their lives. 

4 Steps to Put the Science of Reading into Practice

Accelerate Students’ Reading Skills through Proven-to-Work Best Practices

The number of students reading at grade level has been declining for years. The pandemic only intensified this situation as schools were forced to close, leaving teachers and students with no other choice than to adapt and take their instruction online.

How to Use Evidence-Based Principles for Effective Reading Instruction

Harnessing the Science of Reading in Literacy Instruction

It’s important for educators to infuse the science of reading into their reading instruction. One way educators effectively do this is by using the structured literacy approach.

3 Things to Know About the Science of Reading

Understanding the Science of Reading

To transform students into skilled readers, schools must understand the science of reading and align their literacy instruction to it. The science of reading is a cumulation of research in the fields of education, psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience, forming an educational roadmap for two key concepts: what students need to learn and how they need to learn it.