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What Makes Istation Math Different?

by Andi Atchison on June 1, 2017

Istation Math helps students learn and grow by providing a safe learning environment with immediate and specific feedback. It encourages learners to engage with and explore mathematical concepts through a robust collection of lesson and activities. Additionally, Istation uses real-time data and reports to help educators provide personalized instruction and interventions to students. With Istation Math, students get to personalize their environment, compete against villains, sing songs, and travel the world, all while learning crucial math skills in Istation’s adaptive online curriculum.

1. Formative Assessments

Istation’s ISIP™ Math and ISIP Early Math assessments place students within the Istation Math program based on each of their unique learning needs. Both assessments adjust the difficulty level as students are working so that they can be placed in the instructional content in a developmentally appropriate way.

EM Assessment apple.png    ISIP Math Pencils.png

(left) example of ISIP Early Math assessment, (right) example of ISIP Math assessment

2. Adaptive Curriculum

Once students are immersed in the instruction, Istation’s computer-adaptive curriculum responds to student input, advancing them or providing reteaching as needed. Istation Math’s fun and friendly characters model correct procedures for students, and when a student struggles, the characters offer corrective feedback based on which part of an answer the student got wrong. The program has numerous ways to reteach concepts, meeting a variety of learners’ needs. 

 WPPWithin10.jpg   MultFractionsLess1.jpg

(left) example of ISIP Early Math instruction, (right) example of ISIP Math instruction

3. Manipulatives

Istation Math focuses on the Concrete-Representational-Abstract instructional sequence for learning. The digital tools in the program are modeled after manipulatives that teachers and students use in their classrooms. In each lesson, students are provided with a representational tool they can manipulate to solve problems. In addition to developing familiar manipulatives, we have also created innovative tools that allow students to explore numbers and operations in new and different ways. For struggling students, new and different options are the keys to success. Working with these tools and manipulatives, students gain an understanding of the foundational concepts that will add meaning to the more abstract algorithms they will encounter later in their education.

4. Mental Math

In many Istation Math activities, the characters speak directly to the subject of mental math. Throughout our program, the many different visual tools that students use are designed to support strategies for problem solving with mental math. By visualizing mathematical processes in their heads, students will gain fluency in calculation and problem solving without relying on concrete manipulatives or even calculators.

5. No Simple "Tricks" in Isolation

Istation Math will never teach a math “trick” in isolation as the only method for solving a problem. Instead, Istation prioritizes the understanding of core concepts and helps students understand the why behind their learning. As a result, students can reason and attach meaning to these mathematical procedures, ensuring retention and future success.

6. Teacher- Directed Lessons and Tools

Istation Math provides teachers with over 300 printable lessons, each including all the resources and tools required to complete it. These lessons take into account what students already know and are likely struggling with and can be used to provide intervention as needed. Digital tools, such as virtual place value mats, are also available to use in a variety of ways to meet students’ needs.


Teacher Directed Lesson from Unit 8 of Istation Math 

Number Line - Whole Numbers.jpg

numer line for whole numbers

7. Process is as Important as Outcome

Not only is Istation Math rich in content, but the program also provides educators with essential data to help them steer their instruction. Educators have access to assessment reports and instruction reports from ISIP Math. These reports are created in real time as students complete assessments and activities. Within these two product components, Istation provides extremely detailed data on how students answered questions, which concepts they struggled with, and how long it took them to provide an answer. Teachers can use this data to understand student reasoning and use it to shape their next intervention strategies.


The aforementioned components are just a few of the tools that make Istation Math relevant and meaningful to students, especially those struggling in math. By meeting every student exactly where they are in their learning, Istation helps students grow. Additionally, our real-time data reports and our teacher-directed lessons and tools support educators. At Istation, we are committed to empowering students and changing lives.

Click here for printable version of  "What Makes Istation Math Different?" 


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