Istation has just released a report indicating that it can be used to predict the passage of the STAAR reading test with 95 percent confidence.

The research, conducted by Southern Methodist University, was conducted by collecting Istation ISIPTM data and STAAR reading test data from grades 3-8 during the 2014-2015 school year. They found very strong correlations between both ISIP Reading and STAAR reading test scores across the grade levels.

The study also provides the ISIP cut scores needed to predict with 95 percent confidence whether students will pass the STAAR Level-II phases. These cut scores can be seen in the table below:


How do I use this information with my students?

You can use your students’ ISIP scores to help predict which students are unlikely to pass, likely to pass or “on the bubble” for passing the STAAR reading test. 

For example, if your 3rd grade student is scoring well above 241 on ISIP ahead of the STAAR Level II-Phase 2, they are more likely to pass the STAAR test than those scoring well below 241. 

If your 3rd grade student is scoring right around 240, then they are “on the bubble” and may need some additional intervention to make them more likely to pass the STAAR test.

Where do I see my students’ ISIP scores?

Students' ISIP scores are published monthly after they have completed the ISIP assessment.

The Summary Report is a great way to see your students' ISIP scores and compare them to the cut scores that are predictive of STAAR performance.


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