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Welcome to the Istation Blog

by Photo of Andi Diaz Andi Diaz on May 18, 2022

Topics: At Home, Educator Tips, EdTech, Data

Ensure Your EdTech Solution Is Flexible

With the rise of online learning and educational software options, school districts face a challenge in deciding which programs to invest in. A high-quality, comprehensive e-learning platform can yield a plethora of benefits in student engagement and achievement as well as provide educators with the data they need to increase learning gains.

However, all edtech platforms are not made equally. District leaders must be careful with their research when weighing their options. 

Fortunately, there are flexible, research-based tools with proven success that are available to schools and districts.

6 Features to Look for in a Flexible EdTech Too

1. Actionable Assessment Data

Flexible edtech platforms provide assessment opportunities for students and useful data for teachers as well as school and district leaders. Useful data allows educators to target specific skill areas and plan for future instruction. This data is also indispensable for delivering interventions and tutoring.

Innovative online programs like Istation offer frequent assessments to screen students and measure skill growth. These assessments, called Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™), provide immediate feedback for educators in an easy-to-understand format. The most useful data is brought to the forefront for each level of management.

2. Support for Students at Risk of Reading Difficulties and Those with Special Learning Needs

Finding an edtech tool that helps students at risk of reading difficulties or students with special learning needs can help alleviate unnecessary stress. These platforms assist learners in triumphing over their learning difficulties.

Look for a tool that offers RTI and MTSS resources for teachers to use when they are working with their students. Digital reading-support lessons can improve reading comprehension while also measuring vocabulary, fluency, and phonics skills and promoting growth with interactive activities. Additionally, e-learning tools support teachers who already face the challenge of ensuring that their students meet expectations for their grade level.

A case study on a charter school in Idaho followed the progress of students while they used Istation’s reading program. Not only did the school see an overall increase in the tier rankings of its students, but their intervention needs decreased by almost 50% in just 7 months! As this Idaho charter school found out, investing in the right edtech product can lead to significant increases in student achievement.

3. Engaging Instructional Games

Children learn and retain information best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. Additionally, studies have shown that the combination of reading and gamification increases reading comprehension skills during online learning compared to reading alone.

The beauty of flexible edtech platforms is that learning can come in a game-friendly format while teaching the educational content. This appeals to learners of all different styles.

Teachers can also benefit from flexible tools that gamify learning and allow for the creation of more collaborative working environments within their classroom. Having students work together on edtech programs increases morale and engagement.

4. Adaptive Curriculum

In an adaptive curriculum program, as lessons increase and decrease in complexity, the program tracks the students’ progress and adjusts to their ability level. A big benefit of products such as Istation is that students learn and build upon their skills as they work through their assignments. In this way, students can practice difficult concepts until they’ve learned them and can then move to a higher level when they are ready.

5. Online Access for Families

To maximize students’ growth, school leaders, educators, and families must all be on the same page. Family and school collaboration is proven to be vital to the success of student education. This collaboration often leads to greater student participation, improved behavior, and better attendance.

That is why it is vital to invest in technology platforms that provide accessible and user-friendly at-home support. Istation offers 24-7 at-home support with features like interactive books, student-selected activities, teacher-assigned lessons, and parent-led lessons. Additionally, families have access to a parent portal, allowing them to see their child’s personalized data profile. With these unique features, parents and educators can effortlessly work together to maximize the success of their students.

6. Preparation and Prediction for Success on State Tests

Every school district knows the importance of standardized test results as a measure of student, school, and district success. Naturally, districts want to prepare students to the best of their abilities.

Research studies have linked programs such as Istation to state-specific exams and found a positive impact on students’ performance on various assessments. A few include linking Istation to the Idaho ISAT, the MAP assessment in South Carolina, and the Texas STAAR assessment. These studies all point to a consensus that students who regularly use Istation perform higher on state exams than students who do not regularly use Istation.

Choosing to invest in a high-quality edtech platform can be the best decision a district will make. After careful research, programs like Istation can completely transform the way that students learn.

Learn more about Istation as a flexible platform for your school or district.

Is Istation right for you?