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Welcome to the Istation Blog

by Photo of Andi Diaz Andi Diaz on February 24, 2022

Comprehensive Platforms Make Educators’ Lives Easier and Save Them Time

It is no secret that teachers everywhere are superheroes. They wear many hats in planning, using technology, differentiating instruction, grading, interpreting data, managing classroom behaviors, seeking professional development, and doing so much more. While the resilience and dedication of teachers are admirable, it doesn’t mean they should be overworked.

The truth is that many educators are tired and overwhelmed. The high turnover rate and burnout we are seeing among educators is likely due to the growing list of expectations without adequate time to make them happen.

Luckily, breakthroughs in educational software have offered solutions to take some weight off of educators’ shoulders. By adopting a comprehensive learning platform like Istation, administrators can offer their staff some relief.

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3 Ways Comprehensive Platforms Make Educators’ Lives Easier

Comprehensive edtech solutions are designed to make educators’ lives easier. They shouldn’t have to dig to find the information they are looking for when they log in to digital tools.

So what sets a comprehensive tool apart from others?

1. Comprehensive learning platforms are an all-in-one tool for assessments and instructional interventions.

When it comes to delivering assessments, planning instruction, and implementing interventions, teachers have their work cut out for them. Just one lesson can require hours of research, especially if teachers teach a variety of subjects and grade levels. It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to make this happen. A comprehensive learning platform does the work for you and keeps the information all in one place.

Platforms like Istation offer research-based lesson plans proven to be successful in the classroom. Educators can access the digital or print versions of these lessons to use in small- or whole-group discussions. There are also ample resources to send home for extra practice.

With the platform’s built-in formative assessments and instructional practice for students, teachers see exactly which lessons are best for each learner. When a platform differentiates instruction automatically, it frees educators up to do what they do best — teach! Schools will see greater success when teachers can spend more time delivering instructional interventions instead of planning them.

2. Comprehensive learning platforms eliminate the need to study a multitude of tools.

It’s easy for educators to spend most of their free time scouring the internet for resources that can help them in the classroom. And for each resource, they have to spend time learning how to use it. Comprehensive platforms can make this process less exhausting.

Istation’s technology-based platform for reading, math, and Spanish literacy allows teachers to learn to use just one tool for all of their needs.

Istation recently redesigned the educator hub to offer a brand new experience that is easier to navigate and brings important information to the fore. The updated platform includes…

  • key alerts with timely reminders;
  • customizable data and usage dashboards;
  • weekly notifications about student activity; and
  • recommended next steps.


Fifth grade teacher Gregory Johnson knows firsthand the ease a comprehensive platform can bring teachers.

“I feel like Istation allows me to have 10 other teachers in my classroom,” Gregory said. “It differentiates and instructs students based on their needs. It allows me to do small groups and teacher directed lessons while other students are receiving scaffolded lessons on their differentiated paths. I also love that I can use the same program and format for different subjects like reading, math, and Spanish!”

Discover more about the all-new Educator Experience here.

3. Comprehensive learning platforms have built-in professional development opportunities and technical support.

Investing in a comprehensive learning platform ensures that your teachers get the training they need and the technical support they deserve. With these types of platforms, teachers gain access to training opportunities, printable resources, how-to webinars, and instructional guides. Built-in resources fit the needs of the user and help develop your staff’s technical skills along the way. Additionally, you can schedule representatives from the platform to visit your schools and provide personalized training.

There is nothing more frustrating than having technical issues with technology. Such difficulties and delays can derail the whole school day. With a comprehensive platform like Istation, support is available when you need it most. A skilled team of support personnel will make sure educators get the answers they need when tech goes wrong.

A comprehensive learning platform like Istation enhances educators’ lives by allowing them to find everything they need in one place and with little effort.

Discover more about the all-new Educator Experience here.

Learn more about Istation's Educator Experience.