Tip #3 Use the Priority Report to help you identify students’ skill deficiencies.

With the Priority Report you can see which students in your classroom are in need of small-group or individual intervention. At the top of the report there is a table of contents that lists all the areas of need in your classroom. The links will take you to each group’s information, or you can get there by scrolling further down. Here you will see the student groups categorized by skill deficiency more clearly and can locate a student’s difficulty level under “Priority Status.” Students are labeled “in need of Critical Intervention” if they have fallen to the 10th percentile or below nationally.



The Priority Report can be a teacher’s best friend. My favorite part is the Recommended Teacher Directed Lessons to use while working on skill weaknesses. Teachers like to use this report to make their groups or work one on one with a struggling student. When you have completed an intervention, you can document this by clicking on the box next to the student’s name (optionally adding a note of detailed information) and clicking Save. All intervention notes can then be used for documentation purposes during parent conferences or student success meetings or for just keeping a running record. 

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