Istation's reliable data drives teacher's instruction

Mandy H. teaches 4th grade English, language arts, and reading at a charter school in West Texas. She said Istation is making a big impact in her classroom because of its reliable formative assessments.

“I’m in a constant state of making assessments,” she said. “Istation does it for you, and that’s a wonderful thing for a teacher.”

Mandy explained that she struggles to find time for both teaching all her classes and conducting thorough and accurate assessments. Istation helps by assessing students’ abilities and tracking their progress over time.

“I can utilize that data to drive my instruction. And it’s so effective,” she said.

Mandy said she’s seeing growth in her students’ vocabulary and comprehension abilities, and she credits Istation.

“It is impacting my students’ learning. They like to be on it. And I have a competitive group. They want to move to the next tier,” she said.

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