Teacher and student celebrate gains together

As a reading specialist on an elementary school campus, Michelle B. keeps a close eye on every student’s Istation results.

“It’s been amazing to see the growth in our children,” she said, adding that it’s fun to see the kids excited about their own growth as well.  “I think it’s very motivating for kids.  We’ve had a lot of success with it.”

Michelle said the individualized instruction provided by Istation is priceless, especially for the students she teaches who have dyslexia. When asked for a specific story illustrating how Istation’s tailored learning paths are making a difference, Michelle smiled.

“It’s funny you’re asking me that,” she said with a giggle. “Just this morning I logged on to Istation, because I always follow my kids to see how they’re doing.”

Michelle described checking the progress of a 4th grade Tier 3 student who has dyslexia and struggled with basic skills.

“I looked today, and she’s moved up to [Tier 2]! It’s very exciting to see that growth, especially for this sweet little girl who is a hard worker and wants to do well and is very self-motivated,” she said.

Michelle couldn’t wait to share the news with the student that afternoon.

“She’ll be excited!” she said. “She’ll come in and see her growth, and we can share that celebration. And that just inspires her to continue to work hard and continue to move up.”

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