Winter break is just around the corner, and you might be looking for a great way to keep students engaged in learning while they are away from school. Let them take Istation home for the holidays!

Istation Home provides students the opportunity to work at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. Students who have completed at least one assessment at school can access Istation Home and continue working along their learning path. 

When students log in to Istation away from school, they have a few options about what they can do:teacher_station.png

Main_Reading.png Reading with ISIP – Clicking this button after logging in allows students to continue working in their instructional path.  

Main_Iprac.png Ipractice This button can only be seen by students in the home setting and gives them the opportunity to choose what to work on.

Main_Books.png Books – Accessing Istation's library of books allows students to self-select and reread books they may have already seen in the instruction. They will be able to practice the necessary skills that aid in reading fluency and build confidence.

Main_Assign.png Assignments – The Assignments feature allows you to push out specific lessons that you want students to work on individually or as a class.


The holiday break is a great time to motivate your learners! Allow students to keep up with their own growth on Istation by trying out these incentives:

  • Award a prize to the student(s) who used Istation Home the most.
  • Reward the student(s) who worked on Istation the farthest distance from school.
  • Send us comments from students about their Istation Home experience (what they liked best, how they used it over break, etc.) or photos of them using Istation Home, and we'll feature them on Facebook and Twitter! Just tag messages with #istationed.

Here are a few more great motivational resources and prizes you can use, too! 


Don’t forget to involve parents in your efforts! Print and send home our Istation Home for Parents flyer, which includes information on downloading the program and accessing Istation’s Parent Portal. When you enable the Parent Portal, parents can log in to with their child’s username and password and view their child’s progress. They will have access to their child’s Student Summary, Skill Growth, and Writing reports. Parents will be eager to show off their child’s progress around the dinner table.

To use Istation Home, students just need to download the program to their home computer or iPad.  Attached you will find our Istation Home for the Holidays Flyer, which provides tools for teachers such as a sample home usage calendar, reports for tracking home usage, and our Istation Home brochure.

Click to get the Flyer in Spanish. 


Click to get the Flyer in English.



Enjoy the holiday break!

About The Author

Andi Atchison, a Digital Content Specialist at Istation, started with the company in 2015 as a Business Development Associate. Prior to joining the Istation family, she spent 9 years in the classroom as an elementary and middle school reading teacher. Andi is passionate about educational technology and how it adds to student's learning. She and her family live in the Dallas area.